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How do I remove pebbledash from my house?

There are a few methods to removing pebbledash from your property, if you’re a DIY fan then you’d just hack it off using a bolster and hammer. The biggest risk you face is that when you’re removing this stone based render, there is a good chance you will damage the brickwork underneath and the mortar between the bricks which give the wall its integrity. Secondly, once you’ve removed the pebbledash there is no guarantee of what you’ll find underneath. You might get lucky and find the original brickwork, or maybe a mixture of bricks and blockwork, or different colour bricks, especially if the size of the windows have been changed on the property. Hacking off pebbledash to find a nice, smooth facing brick with its mortar pointing still intact is going to be far fetched. You will hit bricks, you will find already damaged bricks, and ceratinly you’ll find the mortar has crumbled in some parts of the brickwork. Other common things we find, once we have removed the pebbledash, are painted bricks. External masonry paint can be removed from brickwork.

It’s best to ask a professional tradesperson to take care of all aspects of the pebbledash removal from your property – it might sound easy, but Pebbledash is a lot trickier to take off than you might think purely because of its material and bonding strength. Structural damage can be caused when removing pebbledash incorrectly. If you do wish to remove the pebbledash yourself then always do a patch test and make sure you are comfortbale in the handling of your tools before continuing. If you want a professional pebbledash removal company to carry out the works and re-instate your bricks and mortar then give us a call on Mobile : 07862 041348

Pebble Dash Removal Process

A home covered with pebbledash

Here’s a before picture of a house which is about to have it’s pebbledash removed to restore the original brickwork underneath.

Removing pebbledash to discover the original bricks of the property

We professionally remove the pebbledash from this home to find it’s original brickwork. The process is very slow and labour intensive as we remove all pebbledash by hand.

The pebbledash has been removed

Once we removed the pebbledash we started the clean and repointing of the brickwork to re-instate the property to how it originally looked on the day it was built.

Pebbledash Removed and brick repointed

Once we professionally cleaned the bricks, we then repointed the property. This is how the restored brick work looks after removing the pebbledash.

Render removal from Brick Arch

We cleaned and repointed the brick door arch which certainy added character back to this period property.

Pebblesh Removal and a period poperty facade professionally restored

Here’s the final result of removing all the pebble dash from this property. We replaced any damaged bricks, cleaned and used a lime mortar to repoint the entire brickwork.

Pebble Dash Removal Experts

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Here’s a house covered in pebbledash, our job is to remove the pebbledash and re-instate the hidden brickwork underneath the pebbledash. Pebbledash removal is a labour intensive job.

Pebbledash removal is done by hand as we didn’t want to damage the bricks underneath. We raked back the existing brick mortar, ready for a new lime mortar repointing.

Once the pebbledash has been removed and the brick work has been cleaned, restored and repointed the house has been returned to its former glory. The bricks can now breathe properly.

Can I remove pebbledash from my house?

Yes, you can remove all the pebble dash from your property and restore the brickwork underneath even if they are badly damaged. How easy it will be remove the pebbledash all depends on the type of pebble dash that has been applied and how long the pebbledash has been on your house for. Removing pebbl dash need to be carried out properly, preferably by a fully-insured specialist who has experience in brick restoration work. We have been called to many properties over the years where either the homeowner or an inexperienced builder has tried to remove the pebbledash and have quite literally destroyed the bricks underneath. In short, get the job carried out properly otheriwse you run the risk of ruining your house.

Removing pebbledash and restoring the bricks underneath the pebbledash

Even when a professional pebbledash removal company goes to work on your house, there will always encounter some damaged bricks underneath. Bricks may be penetrated with water ingress, mould, cracking, and these bricks will need to be replaced not only for aesthetic purposes but also to restore the structural integrity of the wall.

When removing pebbledash the real skill and expertise is to remove the pebble dash in such a manner that there is little damage to the bricks and mortar underneath. We can repair or replace any damaged bricks during the process with a perfect colour match to your existing brick facade.